Hulkimania Is Running Wild


Hulk Hogan, or “Terry Bolla” if you want to be a dick, has a sex tape on the way. Finally the Mr. Nanny follow up we’ve been waiting for! It’s all thanks to one sneaky Hulkamaniac, who secretly recorded what was no doubt the greatest moment of her life: having sex with the Hulkster. This could be the hottest thing Hogan’s done since he oiled up his daughter.

Hogan denies knowing about the video and says he can’t remember his co-star’s name.  When asked about the woman in the sex video, Terry “Hulk” Hogan-Bolla replied “I don't even remember people's names, much less girls...” and “it wasn't just one brunette. I was running wild for a few months.” Thanks for the DoucheChillz, and for letting us all know that Hogan still gets it done.

While Hogan didn’t have anything to do with the sex tape (besides the sex), he did make these douchechilling YouTube videos. Enjoy the Hulk’s intriguing genre mix of comedy, social commentary, and…diet commercial?