Could a Canadian Be Smarter Than Megadeth?

dave mustaine awkward guy

Canadian TV has interviewed Dave Mustaine, the red-headed legend, who after an early boot from Metallica went on to start Megadeth. This canuck reporter didn’t have to push very hard to get Dave Mustaine to reveal his ideas about Obama, namely stating as known-fact that he wasn’t born in America, and better, questioning whether there are any actual documents proving the President’s existence back in Illinois. Now that is friggin’ metal.

Mustaine Sally stated that he thinks Santorum would be a cool guy to have as prez, describing him as being a good “JFK kind of guy”.  Our research suggests that JFK, a democrat, enjoyed “doin’ it” a lot more than Rick Santorum.

JFK Marilyn Monroe

Mustaine has a history of being silly; in particular, he loves insulting fans. The chillz are most poignant when he rattles off crass versions of stock zing lines usually only heard from a drunk uncle with PTSD at family barbeque.

Check out his rendition of a spoiled 8th grader annoyed that his sister gets more attention:

And for the encore, one more video of MegaDouche…

Here’s Metallica making Megadeth cry.  Nothing more rock ‘n roll then a couple of guys getting’ into the tough issues…in a safe space created by the on-tour psychologist.

OK and just one more…

Watch as Dave’s paranoid insecurity rears its red head when Jimmy Kimmel’s parking garage side kick Guerrimo tries to joke with him. You try to play with Mustaine, you might get the Mustaine shove.