Mel Gibson is the Sexiest Anti-Semite Alive!

Mel Gibson is always putting on a good show--even when he doesn’t know he’s being recorded. Recently, Mel Gibson was working with the man who wrote the cinematic classics Flashdance and Showgirls, Joe Eszterhas, on a movie about the Maccabees.

Mel just wanted to make things right by the Chosen People by taking the story of the Maccabees and getting it a little wet. 

Too bad Mel didn’t know Joe was so chatty, because every fun little name he had for the Jewish people ended up all over the press.  Mel claims he didn’t say such things but the phrase “oven-dodger” is way too creative for the man who penned Flashdance.

Joe’s son secretly recorded Mel reaming out Joe pretty good. . .and also aggressively offering people food (sort of a Jewish trait. Does this complicate the picture? Hmmm.) Mel is also saying some bad things about his baby mama, but that’s been a sore spot for a while.  Here’s the recording captured by the lil rascal and here’s the transcript), just in case you have problems understanding the ravings of a lunatic.

(Joe Eszterhas’ son recording Mel Gibson (dramatic recreation))

Now that it looks like the Maccabees movie isn’t getting the green light, we’d like to pitch a movie to Mel. Payback 2: a hardened alcoholic detective hunting down his wife’s murderer. . .so he can reward him with a beer.