The Grinch That Stole 4/20

It’s the 20th of April and the annual Smoke Out at University of Colorado at Boulder is having a huge pile of fertilizer dumped on it.  Did Dean Wormer transfer to Playboy’s #1 Party School?  The University has decided that since smoking marijuana recreationally is sort of illegal that the university should probably publicly frown upon the annual Smoke Out. Here, Fatty Buzz Kill explains their strategy for preventing the event.  Somebody alert the authorities and have this man’s goatee revoked!

Good luck getting Top Party School 2012, CU Boulder. Some of these nerds went to college in the Getting Your Dog High capital of Colorado for the education. In defiance of fun the dork patrol is getting dressed up in suits today for an event they are calling Stay Classy CU.  You’re not allowed to make an Anchorman reference and not smoke pot. What are these kids being taught at these liberal stink holes? 

One thing CU is teaching its students is fine investigative journalism. Check out this CU student and future Today Show personality getting to the bottom of this whole 4/20 business, all while wearing some pretty sweet sunglasses. This was a class project, like for a grade and everything.

The good news is that as a drug-free alternative the school is having Wyclef Jean perform a concert. Wyclef is contractually prohibited from mentioning either today’s date, 4/20, or marijuana during his performance at the Coors Event Center, an establishment that represents wholesome fun.

Maybe he’ll play Something About Mary:

“I dont pop pills, I never did no lsd.
But I wouldnt mind a kiss from mrs. mary.
cause shes homegrown and you can hold her in her backyard,
Shes homegrown and you can get a kiss in her backyard.”

Happy 4/20 from!