Max Wittert - Ep 13

Max Wittert is a funny comedian and an amazing illustrator/graphic artist. He made the logo for this podcast! We talk about a bunch of stuff and I learn a lot. Thanks for listening.

Matteo Lane - Ep 12

Matteo Lane is the first gay cast member of MTV2's Guy Code and a hilarious comedian and he speaks a bunch of languages and sings like an angel and he's one heck of a dude. That's a lot of things to be. We have a fun convo about a bunch of stuff. Sorry about the no episode last week. That won't happen again for awhile. Thanks for listening.

John Early - Ep 11

John Early is a hilarious comedian and we just couldn't stop talking. The off mic voice yelling the definition of esoteric is my gf and very funny comedian Jacqueline Novak. Go see the John and Hamm Samwich at Union Hall in Brooklyn Wed 4/22, for tix. 

Steven Phillips-Horst - Ep 10

Steven Phillips-Horst is funny and insightful comedian/writer/actor. We has one heck of a convo. Please watch his new web series Trailing the website is

Guy Branum - Ep 9

Guy Branum is an incredible comedian. Guy has been on "Chelsea Lately", "Last Comic Standing" and his album Effable is available April 14th. Pre-order now! Thanks!

Lily Marotta- Ep 8

Lily Marotta is an actress and writer. Her most recent project is Monica The Miniseries check it out at Please tell everyone you know about this show. We love you.

Joey Boots from The Howard Stern Show - Ep 7

Joey Boots is a long time member of Howard Stern’s “Wack Pack” and has a very popular podcast The Joey Boots Show. We talk about how Joey had a difficult time coming out of the closet and how he perceived as “straight acting”. Joey is looking for relationship so don’t be shy, tweet at him @JoeyBoots. Please tell people about this show and help spread the word. Thanks for listening. We love you! 

Calvin Cato - Ep 6

Calvin is a comedian that I've known for the past 8 years. He grew up in New York with Jamaican immigrant parents. We talk about the different worlds he's had to live in and adjust to. It was a good time. Please help the show by telling people to listen. We love you. 

Claudia Cogan - Ep 5

Claudia Cogan is a hilarious comedian. We talk about Claudia’s experience growing up in New York City, the difficulties of meeting women, a shameful time from my youth and so much more. Follow Claudia on twitter @blaudiablogan. Please tell people about this show and help spread the word. Thanks for listening. We love you! 

Hamm Samwich - Ep 4

Hamm Samwich is an extremely talented drag queen and great mind. We talk pronouns,  growing up liberal and life. Find Hamm on Facebook and follow her right now. Tell all your friends to listen to the show please. Thanks!

Sabrina Jalees - Ep 3

Sabrina Jalees is an amazing comedian and admitted Canadian. We talk about stuff. It's a good time. Please subscribe, rate and comment in iTunes. Thanks!

Tim Dillon - Ep 2

Tim Dillon is a hilarious comedian and if you are an entertainment manager you should represent him. All others should follow him on twitter @TimJDillon.

Doron Hagay - Ep 1

My first guest ever on Heteronormative is Doron Hagay. Doron is a very talented director. Check out his upcoming mini-series, Monica and all of his other work on his website