Episode 51 - Oh Comedy

Here's 51 and it's a good one. Frankie's not here so we decide to prank call him and we talk a lot of comedy. I would love to stay here describe the episode all day to you fine folks but I've got to go pick up Yannis and drive to New Hampshire. 

Episode 50 - Thief

Here's the big five-OMG. Yannis got some material stolen by another comedian. So did Frankie? We also recap the live show, talk about WW III and practical jokes gone bad.

Episode 49 - Live

Here's episode 49.  Couldn't make it to our 1st live show? Well here it is. Recorded live at the Creek & The Cave with comedians Sean Patton and Mark Normand also performing. Thanks to everyone who came out. Happy Thanksgiving.

Episode 48 - Acid Reflux

Here's 48. The show is getting older and so are we.  Yannis and Nate are comparing acid reflux medicine and Chris' birthday is coming up. Chris and "The Banterer" have a disagreement and John F. O'Donnell calls in to be the voice of Frankie.

Episode 47 - Drunks

A couple of us are hung over so we start off with some drinking stories. It gets a little rough folks because we've all done some living. We've made the mistakes so you don't have to.

Episode 46 - Anxiety Attack

Nate believes in UFO's, Chris believes in Love and Yannis is keeping his mouth shut. Oh, look who decided to show up...Frankie. Frankie is back and he's got anxiety. We're all very sympathetic.

Episode 45 - Killed

Nate taped his Comedy Central special and killed. Yannis and Chris have had a lot going on too.  Not as much as Nate but still some big news. One contest ends and another one begins. 

Episode 44 - The Road

We haven't all been together in same room in a month so there's a lot of catch up on. Nate was ripping it up across the South, Yannis playing theaters in Denmark and Sweden and Chris went all the way to Toronto for a couple days.

Episode 43 - Year 1

Oh boy it's episode 43. This is sort of our anniversary episode. It's been 1 whole year and it looks like we could use a little break. Good thing because Nate's about to tour the south, Yannis is heading over to Denmark and Chris is on his way up to Canada. This one has been sitting around for about a month so new stuff coming next week.

Episode 42 - The Banterer

So, we knew we were going to be away for awhile so we recorded a bunch of episodes within a couple days. When we were all out of ideas we decided to interview Frankie. I'll say this, he's from North Jersey and you can't take that away from him. Sit back and listen in as we get to know our producer, Frank Gallo.

Episode 41 - Rory Scovel

This week we're hanging with comic Rory Scovel. Nate's about to tour with Rory, Sean Patton and Jarrod Harris. We're talking the South, Prop 8, and Arizona immigration. Oh boy, you guys can see where this one is going. Rorey prank calls Nic Novicki.

Episode 40, Part 2 - John F. O'Donnell

Here's Episode 40, part 2. John F. O'Donnell talks to us about some shananigans that landed him in an Irish prison. By shananigans I mean a manic episode. John talks all about his brief departure from comedy and triumphant return. Hang on kids because part 2 is quite a ride. 

Episode 40, Part 1 - John F. O'Donnell

This is our first 2 parter. We're hanging with our buddy John F. O'Donnell and oh boy is he a talker. John is a hilarious comic that has had to overcome some well, um...just listen. This episode is awesome and I wouldn't lie to you.

Episode 39 - Sean Patton

This week we're hanging with our buddy Sean Patton who is going out on tour with Nate in September. We talk about comedy, hypnotism and Hurricane Katrina. Nate tells us who is going to heaven. Will Sean get the thumbs up? This description might stink but this episode kicks ass so enjoy. Thanks for listening.

Episode 38 - Hannibal Buress

We have special guest Hannibal Buress.  Hannibal is a comedian and writer for Saturday Night Live.  We talk to Hannibal about comedy, his new CD coming out, working on SNL and acting on the show "Louie". Nate and Yannis are unhappy with the show descriptions. An unknown caller has a crush on Nate, thinks Yannis is funny and says Chris sucks.  Holy crap I am underappreciated.  Check out Hannibal on the web hannibalhannibal.com

Episode 37 - LeBron

We're back at it in Yannis' apartment with the A/C blasting.  Frankie isn't keeping time but we try to keep it together.  We're talking comedy, LeBron, and Mel Gibson.  Nate is getting furious again so watch out.  You guys are the best.  Thanks for listening.

Episode 36 - Scorcher

Yannis has anxiety, Chris might get religion, and Nate had a BBQ.  Why wasn't Yannis invited? We get to the bottom of life and death so you might want to listen.

Episode 35 - Ink

Shhh...Jesse is sleeping so we've got to keep it down.  We're back in Brooklyn and it's late. Nate killed at Caroline's, Yannis is sleeveless, Frankie has an alter ego and Chris has a new ugh. Nate gets furious while the rest of us compare tattoos. We even went a little longer this week because you guys are the best.

Episode 34 - Soder & List

Yannis and Nate are in the green room before the big Caroline's show. Chris is off working in California but phones in for quick barely audible call. Our good pal Dan Soder sits in and Joe List stops by to talk about being on the television. Some people might say no Chris why listen? You're right, but what else ya gonna do?

Episode 33 - Company Man

We're all back together again in the same room.  Yannis was down south, Nate was out west and Chris is back from the UK.  We're such worldly gentleman.  No Skype, no guests, just us talking. The win a date with Chris Laker contest is still wide open so don't be shy ladies.