I used to have a bunch of podcasts. Now I only have one. It's not very good but it is daily. 


My new podcast here! Every day I wake up and say the first thing that comes to my head. I know it's an awful idea but I'm going to do it anyway and you can't stop me. Check out episode 3. If you don't like it, that's OK. If you do, subscribe on iTunes, SoundCloud, Google Play  or RSS

Pour one out for the fallen pods

we've all masturbated to something, lets talk about it. me & Myka Fox engage with deep thinkers and derelicts about the most thought-provoking topic ever -- jackin. subscribe on itunes here. listen to this episode with our guest comedian Chris Gethard. Follow TWiJ on Twitter & Facebook.

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From June 2011 until August 2016 I hosted a panel talk show at the best comedy venue in the world, The Creek & the Cave. I talked to some of the funniest comics in NYC about the mysteries of life and biggest issues in society. It all got figured out in about a half hour. After 60 episodes I ran out of topics and tried some different format changes, listen all 151 episodes to enjoy the entire journey. All the episodes on SoundCloud. Here's one from the archives where we figure out White People.

Heteronormative was sort lived but I am very proud of the 13 eps I recorded. I had fun conversations with people from the LGBTQ community about their experiences living in a heteronormative society. Just listen to it. Here's the iTunes link or you can listen to them all right here. Check out episode 5 with guest Claudia Cogan.